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Double the pleasure from orgasms after only 2 weeks of using Elise Tenscare myostimulator that proved its popularity all over the world


Bright sexual experience
Recommended by sexologists
Elasticity of vaginal muscles
A wide-range solution of touchy problems
Direct deliveries from the manufacturing plant in England
Detailed user manual in Russian
Delivery throughout Russia
Payment at the time of delivery
2 year warranty
24 900 rub
19 280 rub

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Simple solution of complex female problems


Sex does not bring any pleasure

A woman's ability to control the pelvic floor muscles extends the range of sexual sensations for both partners.


Preparing for pregnancy

Trained pelvic floor muscles provide additional support to the fetus during pregnancy and make it easier for labor.


Reduced muscle tone after the childbirth

Using the exerciser will quickly restore the initial elasticity and strength of the muscle tissue.


Prevention of pelvic floor descent

Regular intimate gymnastics prevents the prolapse of vaginal walls, uterus and bladder.


Stress, urge or mixed incontinence

Training of pelvic muscles is recommended as a preferred non-surgical solution for incontinence sufferers.



The Elise will help to improve the state of mucous membranes and to strengthen the muscles of urinary organs.

Elise Tenscare: World’s No.1 myostimulator

Myostimulator makes muscles work, sending them light impulses of electric current. And the workout doesn’t involve your active participation. Muscle fibers contract and relax with the strength and frequency defined by the device. The effectiveness of use of the myostimulator 60% exceeds the exercises on your won.

Other advantages of the device:

Миостимулятор Elise Tenscare для интимных мышц
Simple and convenient in use
No adverse reactions
Fast muscle training


Everything you need in one box

The exerciser comes with an optimal set of accessories for successful and comfortable workout.

Vaginal probe
Connecting wires
Lithium battery
Charging cable
Carrying bag
User manual in Russian

Don’t risk your health - order a truly working product from a legal supplier

24 900 rub
19 280 rub

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The Elise is simple and easy in use

Training of pelvic floor muscle with the Elise myostimulator takes only 20 minutes. It is recommended to work out every day for the first 1-3 months and then repeat exercises 2 times a week to maintain the results.

How to use the exerciser?

Plug the probe and wires into the “Elise”
Lubricate the probe into the vagina in the same way as a tampon
Turn on the exerciser and select the appropriate mode
In the process of exercise you will sense your muscles contracting or a slight tingling in the vaginal area. Increase the strength each time until you feel the barely perceptible painful sensation
After you finished the exercise, pull the flange and remove the probe from the vagina

Additional features of the Elise make its application comfortable and safe:

4 clinically tested exercise programs

You can select a program designed specifically to solve your problem.

Regulation of intensity and effect time

Change the operating parameters of the device, so your workout was as comfortable as possible.

Easy start

The exerciser memorizes the last used program and starts a new exercise with a half of its capacity.

Works automatically

You can relax and rest during the workout. The Elise will do everything itself and then automatically turn off.

User memory

The duration and strength of the last exercise are stored in the device’s memory. This information will help you to control your progress.

What doctors say about the Elise

Obstetrician-gynecologist, Kravchenko P.B.

Training of pelvic floor muscles is recommended to prevent and treat many women’s problems. Earlier I recommended my patients Kegel exercises, but came to conclusion that most of them cannot do gymnastics on a regular basis. With the Elise it was much easier. Women use it with pleasure as exercises "in a lazy mode" don’t cause any difficulties. I can see that this method is more preferable for them, more convenient and, as a result, more effective 

Urologist, Isaev D.V.

About 10% of my patients are women with the stress or urge incontinence. I tell them about the Elise at our first appointment and explain how exactly it can solve their problem. A month later, the same patients come to me to thank. The device helps them to significantly reduce the amount of leakage if not to eliminate the incontinence symptoms completely. During the time that I work with the Elise, neither woman had to be operated

Sexologist, Popova A.M.

In my practice, I often recommend the Elise to women complaining about the reduced libido or worsened sensations during the sex. Regular exercises help them to strengthen vaginal muscles and increase the sensitivity of the erogenous zones, which in turn leads to more often and intensive orgasms. More than 80% of my clients that use the exerciser demonstrate positive results

Recommendations and contraindications

Before use, please read the following warnings:


Carefully read the instructions and rules for proper use
Clean the vaginal probe after each workout.
Use lubricant to ease the insertion and removal of the probe.
The Elise can be used in stress, urge or mixed incontinence. Do not use the exerciser if you suffer from another type of incontinence or do not know its reasons.
Use the Elise carefully, if you haven’t experienced normal contraction of the pelvic floor muscles previously.
Do not use the exerciser while driving or any other activity, which may involve danger due to the involuntary muscle contractions.
You should consult your gynecologist before starting treatment to exclude possible contraindications.
If the exercises cause any discomfort, stop using the device and consult your physician.


The presence of a pacemaker
Cervical cancer
The presence of an intrauterine device
Urinary tract infections
The first 3 months after surgical treatment

Suits everyone, who knows the value of health and pleasure

01 Those, who have recently given birth
02 Those, who want to improve the quality of sexual life
03 Those, who would rather prevent, than treat touchy problems
04 Those, who are planning a pregnancy
05 Those, who are already suffering from incontinence and wants to eliminate the symptoms without surgical treatment
06 Young girls having a sedentary life
07 Those, who didn’t succeed in Kegel exercises and vaginal balls
08 Adult women after the menopause

Results of our customers exceed all expectations

Patient: Volkova E.A., 54 years old


urine leakage when coughing, sneezing, laughing and abrupt movements, uses urological pads. She had to give up sports and long walks.


  • to increase muscle tone of the bladder,
  • to eliminate urinary symptoms,
  • to improve the quality of patient’s life.


Daily exercises with the Elise according to the STRESS program for 2 months.


2 weeks

The patient noted decreased amount of leakage

1 month

A complete control over the urination was achieved and the patient refused to use urological pads

2 month

The results were fixed and a woman returned to familiar active lifestyle.

To maintain the muscle tone the patient was recommended to continue the exercises according to the TONE program 2 times a week.

Patient: Milkina N.A., 45 years old


suffers from sudden strong desires to urinate, which she can’t control. Sometimes there is observed the slight leakage of urine. She goes to the bathroom more than 8 times during the day and 2-3 times during the night. The problem gets aggravated in the cold season. The patient can’t be in the places without a toilet for a long time, avoids long walks, trips and active physical activities.


  • to eliminate urinary symptoms,
  • to return the patient to the active lifestyle.


There was selected a medical therapy and recommended the treatment with the Elise myostimulator according to the URGE program during 1 month.


1 week

The number of urinations reduced by 50% and the urinary leakage episodes became rarer.

2 weeks

The intensity of desires to urinate reduced.

1 month

The urinary symptoms were eliminated completely and the patient returned to normal life.

After the result had been achieved, the medical therapy was canceled. In order to maintain the tone of pelvic floor muscles the patient was recommended to continue exercises with the Elise according to the TONE program 2 times a week.

Patient: Zhdanova S.N., 25 years old


reduced elasticity and sensitivity of the vaginal tissue after the childbirth. The patient complains about the reduced libido and worsened sensations during the sex.


  • to restore the muscle tone of the perineum,
  • to improve patient’s satisfaction with her sex life.


It was recommended to exercise according to the TONE program every day for 20 minutes during 1 month.


2 weeks

The patient noted increased muscle tone

1 month

Reduced size of vagina, increased sensitivity of the erogenous zones, sensations during the sexual acts became as intense as before

The best offer from the official distributor: 6 reasons to order Elise TensCare from us

Original product

We are the exclusive official distributor of the Elise in Russia, that’s why our customers can be sure they don’t buy a Chinese fake, but a real English exerciser,.

User manual in Russian

If you order the product from an illegal seller, you will receive the device with the user manual in English without translation. We put a detailed manual in Russian in each box with the exerciser.

Service center in Moscow

You won’t have to send a faulty device to England. All you need to do is to give to our courier or sent by post to the following address: Moscow... We will reimburse for the postage expenses.

Official guarantee

Your "Elise" is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase and you can get it repaired for free or replace with a new exerciser, if a fault develops. Please note that the guarantee doesn’t cover accessories: probe, wires, li-ion battery.

Free gynecologists’ and sexologists’ consultations

We cooperate with dozens of medical specialists all over Russia. You can ask them a question online and get a comprehensive answer whenever you need.

Fast delivery to any settlement in Russia

The product is delivered in Moscow by courier at the time you specify and to other regions - within 3-4 days by express mail or courier.

Only with us – an original English exerciser with a detailed user manual in Russian.

24 900 rub
19 280 rub

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Elise myostimulator often goes with:

  • Water-based lubricant GoGel TensCare 100 ml

    Provides easy insertion and removal of the vaginal probe. Moisturizes mucous membranes and makes the workout more comfortable.

  • Cleaning spray ClearToy 100 ml with antimicrobial effect

    Effectively cleans and disinfects the probe surface, preventing development of infections.

  • Anal probe

    A stimulator designed for strengthening anus muscles in order to enhance the sexual sensations.

  • Vaginal probe mini (26 mm)

    A 26 mm diameter stimulator made for strengthening pelvic floor muscles and vaginal intimate gymnastics, which purpose is to enhance the orgasm and sensations from vaginal sex.

  • Vaginal probe standard (28 mm)

    A 28 mm diameter stimulator made for strengthening pelvic floor muscles and vaginal intimate gymnastics, which purpose is to enhance the orgasm and sensations from vaginal sex.

  • Vaginal probe standard (32 mm)

    A 32 mm diameter stimulator made for strengthening pelvic floor muscles and vaginal intimate gymnastics, which purpose is to enhance the orgasm and sensations from vaginal sex.

  • Charger

    An additional Charging Cradle and Power Adaptor Set allows charging the myostimulator everywhere outside home without moving the charger from place to place

  • Removable battery

    An additional battery for the Elise gives an opportunity to use the myostimulator during a long stay outside the city without an opportunity to charge the main battery.

  • Connecting wires set

    Original connecting wires for the anal and vaginal probes will prolong the shelf life of the Elise for many years and, if necessary, they can be replaced with new ones.

При покупке тренажера Elise сегодня вы получаете Лубрикант и Очищающий спрей в подарок!

You will be excited, too!

Since my wife has started exercises with the Elise, our intimate life sparkled with new colors. I couldn’t even imagine that after 5 years of marriage, you can enjoy sex more than during the first few months of dating

Mikhail, 30 years old


After my wife gave birth to our first child, we have experience problems with sex. Both she and I stopped enjoying it. The gynecologist recommended her the Elise, and a month later everything came back to normal. Now we have two children and no sexual problems

Dmitry, 32 years old


The number of women using the Elise has already exceeded 2 million. Join!

24 900 rub
19 280 rub

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